The Company

Stronghold Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in Bermuda as a limited liability company and registered under the Bermuda Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000 (""SAC Act").

Stronghold specializes in the design, issuance and management of its proprietary insurance contract (the "Segregated Account Obligation" or "SAO"). Each contract has its own segregated cell company and is used to facilitate risk transfer by investing in SAO owner-directed, but Stronghold owned and managed assets.

The SAO is utilized for capital management. Cash and proceeds from the sale to Stronghold of high risk-based-capital assets, including those issued by an SAO purchaser’s affiliates, can be used to fund an SAO.

The SAO can also facilitate the design and issuance of high risk, high rate on line insurance policies covering property and casualty, earthquake, hurricane, medical malpractice, mortality, long-duration guaranteed benefit exposures and other risks.

The SAO is a 144A SEC-registered security, and is fully collateralized using sovereign debt, which in addition to the protection of the Bermuda SAC ACT, is designed to meet the highest rating agency criteria.


Burnaby Building

16 Burnaby Street
P.O. Box HM 2904
Hamilton HM LX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 234-2800


Andrew A. Alberti

Chief Risk Officer

Dr. Douglas A. Love

Chief Investment Officer

Ronald H. Labenski

Chief Financial Officer

Edward J. Mallozzi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dennis A. Szal